Bichon Yorkie

A Few Facts About the Lovable Bichon Yorkie


The Bichon Yorkie or YoChon is a sweet little dog. It is not a purebred, and therefore you will not find it registered with the American Kennel Club. It is listed however with several of the hybrid and designer dog organizations. The Bichon Yorkie is a mix of a Yorkshire Terrier with a Bichon Frise.  A litter of these little puppies will more often than not be made up of two different types of puppies. Some may bear more of a resemblance to a Yorkshire terrier, while the others may more closely resemble a Bichon. The main differences will usually be in their coats and in their temperaments. One type, called the Gremlin, has a thinner coat, and is a very energetic little dog, but is not as well suited for being around small children. The other type, the Teddy Bear, has a dense double coat. It is the more patient and easy going of the two types. It is normally a good companion for smaller children. It’s not easy to distinguish between the two types in a newborn littler. It can take several weeks before any differences in the two types of puppies begin to become noticeable.


The Bichon Frise


The American Kennel Club – AKC describes the Bichon Frise as small, sturdy dog that has a soft, dark-eyed, inquisitive expression, and because of its curled double coat, it bears somewhat of a resemblance to a cotton ball or a powder puff. It is classified as belonging to the non-sporting group. A typical Bichon Frise stands between 9 and 12 inches high. The majority of Bichons have a pure white coat. The Bichon is gentle-mannered and affectionate little dog. It is a playful dog, but it can also be quite sensitive at times.


The Yorkshire Terrier


The AKC describes the Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as a dog that offers a big personality in a small package. Classified as a member of the toy group, the Yorkie is nevertheless very much a terrier. It is inquisitive, energetic, and it will stand its ground. The Yorkie features a long, luxurious coat, a coat of black and tan. While in years past the Bichon was often employed as a circus dog, the Yorkie worked in the textile mills in England as a rat catcher. A Yorkie will average around 7 pounds and stand about 6 inches tall. The breed does not require a lot of exercise but does need a good dose of daily attention. This breed is sometimes described as being a portable dog as it makes an excellent traveling companion. The Yorkie adapts well to changing surroundings.


The YoChon


Hybrid dogs provide the best of worlds. This is doubly true when two different breeds that have a reputation of having few medical problems are mixed, as the resulting hybrid is less likely to have any of the genetic problems either of its parents may have. If you breed two dogs that have a similar genetic problem the offspring is quite likely to exhibit the same problem; perhaps to even a greater degree. When dogs of different breeds are bred, any genetic health problems of either breed are not always passed on.


The Bichon Yorkie has few health problems. If this is a matter of significant importance, one should make a point of only purchasing one of these hybrids whose one parent was a purebred Bichon and the other was a purebred Yorkie. If one of the parents was already a hybrid, any genetic faults of either parent could possibly have been passed on. That is a good reason for asking for paperwork when purchasing one of these little dogs.


The YoChon is usually closer to the Bichon in size than it is to the Yorkie. It will typically weight between seven and thirteen pounds and will stand between nine and twelve inches tall.


Besides purchasing a YoChon for its small size and wonderful temperament, these hybrid dogs are popular because they have a coat that does not shed. They are allergy free little dogs. They do not require a great deal of exercise, but they will profit from an occasional opportunity to run leash-free and play. They do as a rule enjoy going for walks. They do not have a small-dog complex and when out and about they generally get along well with other dogs they may happen to meet.


This hybrid will fit right in with a family. They are good with children, they are also good at obedience training, and they can be taught to do tricks, possibly a trait inherited from circus performing ancestors. Small dogs have a reputation for being difficult to housebreak. They same can be true for the YoChon although it often catches on as to what it is supposed to do and what it is not supposed to do reasonably quickly.


According to the AKC the Yorkie was the 6th most popular breed in the United States as of 2012, a position it has mostly held for over ten years, although it ranked 2nd in 2007. The Bichon Frise is farther down the list, in the mid-30′s. A companion breed, the Havanese, which is also bred with the Yorkie ranked 28th. The American Canine Hybrid Club, which lists the YoChon does not provide a ranking.